Bonus: Fibre Type & Texture

How does the Yarn Fibre and Construction impact your Finished Garment?

While this is not strictly speaking garment construction it has such a huge impact on your finished piece it seemed important to talk about.

When looking for yarn for a new project you need to look at several different aspects of the yarn:

  1. How is your yarn constructed; was it Worsted or Woollen? Each spinning method creates yarn that behaves quite differently.
  2. Is the yarn Superwash or not? Superwash will make it easier to put your garment in the machine but the chemical coating can mean you get a lot of growth in garments.
  3. What Fibres are used in the yarn? Is it wool, alpaca, silk, bamboo, cotton or a maybe a blend? Each type of fibre behaves differently and will bring different characteristics to your garment.

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