All about Yarn Weights

What Is Yarn Weight?

When we talk about 'yarn weight' we are actually referring to the thickness of the yarn. So when you hear someone talk about 'light weight' yarns they mean that the yarn is 'thinner' and heavy weight yarns are 'thicker'.

The weight of the yarn skein is generally 50g or 100g so the thickness (weight) of the yarn will have a big impact in the 'length' of yarn you get! If you have a light weight (thin) yarn you will have much more length for the same weight of skein the you would have for a heavy weight (thicker) yarn.

Names for Yarn Weight

Yarn weights are given different names depending on their thickness/yarn weight. In this class we will go through every different weight in the videos giving you a very good feel for the differences between them.

Lets Start with:

Light Weight yarns

  1. Lace weight
  2. Fingering or 4ply weight
  3. Sport Weight

Now that you've taken an in-depth look at lighter weight yarns it's now time to move on to the next weight.

Medium Weight Yarns:

  1. DK or double knitting weight
  2. Aran and Worsted weight

It's now time to move onto the thickest of our yarns.

Heavy Weight Yarns:

  1. Chunky or Bulky Weight
  2. Super Chunky Weight